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Engage Hill’s online tool measures motivations and attitudes of employees / customers without the need to personally interact with them.

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    CAmethod - engaging data collection. Revolutionary interface that uses colours instead of numbers, checkboxes, scales or any other conventional methods and is available in multiple languages.

    Gather your data more efficiently = faster, with greater response rate.

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    CA method


    Colour Word Association method (CAmethod) is a long established method of capturing people’s unconscious reactions which gives more meaningful results and a deeper level of understanding of respondents’ real thoughts, behaviours and actions.  The method has been in development for decades and is based on the world - renowned work of two distinguished psychologists: Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology and Max Luscher the creator of the Luscher Colour test which has been widely studied and used as a diagnostic aid since 1947.

    How does it work?

    CAmethod measures respondents’ reactions using a unique online sensor.  This sensor has been created after extensive research and experience and is backed up by data collection on more than half a million subjects. The tests are quick, straightforward and simple to complete but nevertheless provide robust and reliable results.

    The method works by submitting a series of impulses in the form of words, pictures, films or sounds which are each surrounded by eight coloured spheres.  Each impulse provokes a reaction or feeling in the participant which they are instructed to respond by choosing three coloured spheres. These colours become the hot buttons that are able to relay information from the person’s unconscious mind and using this method alongside association analysis reveals their true feelings and motivations that are so often hidden even to the respondents themselves, but which will have a profound effect on their decision making and behaviours.

    CAmethod environment

    Education, Sport, Human Resources, Market research, Psychology, Medicine / healthcare


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